Agricultural Drones

Farming is all about being hands on. You get down and dirty if need be, and you spend your time watching over your crop and doing anything and everything that can help it thrive. Without farmers, the world would be in chaos. It’s a difficult job that doesn’t get near enough recognition. It just so happens that doing ‘anything and everything’ involves agricultural drones for some farmers.

When drone technology was first created, it was only intended to be used for military purposes. Even after it was made available to the public, only the rich could afford to own a drone, and more practical uses took a while to discover. Now that drone technology has advanced so quickly, just about anyone can afford to purchase their own. Famers, surprisingly, seem to be in favor of the agricultural drones.

Thermal Mapping Drone Services HoustonThanks to agricultural drones, spotting problems with your crops is now easier than ever. Instead of spending hours walking through your crops, inspecting as you go, you ca simply send out the drone for an aerial view of your land in mere minutes. Worker smarter, not harder with an agricultural drone.

The low cost of a drone also sells the new technology to farmers. Instead of going through the hassle to find an airplane or helicopter pilot willing to fly over your crops, close enough to see any signs of damage, you can simply set an appointment with iSky Drone Services to come out and inspect your crops for you.

iSky Agricultural Drone Services

When you hire iSky and one of our agricultural drones, you’re getting a drone company with over 29 years of R/C experience. Our drone pilots are not only highly trained but are all FAA certified as well! There’s no need to worry about shoddy drone work with iSky Drone Services. We take pride in our work and strive to ensure that you, the client, are happy with the final outcome.Crop monitoring Houston

If you’re ready to hire an agricultural drone from iSky, contact us today for a quote!

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