SAR Drones

You see it on the news on occasion. Someone has gone missing somewhere in the world, and there’s a huge manhunt to try and find them. There are times when the search parties get lucky and find the missing person and get them the help they need. Other times, though, they’re never found, or they’re found too late. Time is always of the essence, and  it’s one of the most difficult factors of search and rescues. With today’s technology and modern SAR Drones (Search and Rescue Drones), though, things have gotten a little bit easier.

SAR Drones vs Helicopters

When it comes to search and rescue missions, people’s first thoughts re often of helicopters. After all, they can cover more ground at a faster rate than a search party looking on foot. It should be an easy solution to a difficult problem, but in reality, it isn’t. Helicopters can be difficult to work with partially due to the cost of hiring a trained pilot as well as the helicopter itself. Another major factor is the maneuverability of helicopters. Yes, they can be fairly easy for a well-trained pilot to work, but again, it can be difficult to locate a pilot with the training required to conduct search and rescue missions. All in all, they can be a great tool, but SAR Drones are quickly proving to be more useful.

SAR Drones are quickly becoming more and more widespread as time passes. True, they still have a somewhat negative connotation to them (thanks to publicized ‘Drone Death Strikes’), but SAR Drones are quickly showing the public how useful drones can be.

All SAR Drones come equipped with some form of a high-resolution camera facing down in first-person point of view.  This allows the operator to see everything the drone passes over. With their small size and quick speeds, drones can cover miles of area in mere minutes that would take a search group hours to search.

iSky SAR Drones

When you choose iSky Drone Services to help with search and rescue missions, you can rest assured that you’ve picked the best drone service in the Houston area. With over 29 years of drone and R/C experience and pilots trained to assist with search and rescue missions, iSky Drone Services is a drone company that you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

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