Drone Photography Services

Searching for drone photography services in the Houston, TX area? iSky Professional Drone Services is here to help!

With 29 years of R/C experience, we bring many years of experience to the marketplace to provide our customers with solutions. iSky provides premium quality aerial photos, video, maps & data by experienced professional and licensed drone pilots & photographers.

We offer many types of drone photography services, including:

  • Residential Real Estate Photography
  • Commercial Real Estate Photography
  • Construction Site Monitoring
  • Drone Inspection Services
  • Data Capture & Analysis
  • Aerial Photography
  • Event Videography
  • Building and Roof Inspections
  • Drone Videos for Home Inspections (used to view the roof of a home)
  • Corporate Company Drone Videos
  • Custom Drone Videos
  • Architectural Photography & much more

We Offer End-To-End Residential and Commercial Drone Services For Your Business or Project

Texas has several state drone laws.  The first involves permission for telecommunication companies and insurance companies to capture infrastructure images whereas only law enforcement can use drones within 25 miles of the border. The other state drone law prohibits flying drones over correctional facilities or sports venues.  A third state law preserves privacy prohibiting filming of people without their permission where they are recognizable in the image. The fourth law prohibits operating drones over critical infrastructure facilities. iSky drone pilots are 100% compliant UAS operators (unmanned aerial system).

Technology Matters

We use the latest in drone technology to capture film quality aerial footage and high-resolution aerial photos. 

Ready to start your drone video or drone photo project? Give us a call today!

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