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Bring your marketing to the next level with integrated drone video & image presentations. iSky is your source for Drone-based Photogrammetry, LiDar mapping and creation of RGB/multi-spectral colorized LiDar point clouds.
Now Serving The Houston & Dallas Areas
Aerial Drone Footage
Lidar Mapping & Point Clouds
Real Estate Photography

Professional Drone Services

With 33 years of R/C experience, iSky brings value & solutions to the drone video marketplace. Drones are an evolving technology with a never seen before potential for extreme Photography, Mapping, Crop Monitoring, Pipeline, Antennae, and Bridge Inspections. From Dramatic Stills to Vivid Videography iSKY Professional Services can get you that perfect shot! Our pilots are FAA Certified and Insured up to $2,000,000.

10% Veteran & Active Duty Discount With Verified Military Identification

Real Estate
Burnside Services
Venue Brookwood
Catalyst Boatworks
Kirby Icehouse
Precision Flamecutting

Aerial Photography

Dramatic still photography & vivid videography

Houston Drone Services

iSky Professional Drone Services is your choice for a licensed drone video pilot in Houston

Aerial Drone Footage

High quality, low altitude drone video and image footage for any occasion

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Real Estate Portraits

iSky works with realtors all over Houston to capture amazing residential and commercial property videos and images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent drones?
No, we only offer it as a service, it comes with a Pilot / Videographer, Observer and if appropriate for the drone and application, a camera operator.
Is is legal to hire us?
Yes. We are legal because we have been licensed by the FAA specifically for commercial aerial video and data gathering purposes using drones below 400 feet.
Can we get interior images?
In a large enough space, yes. We have specific UAS/Drone Systems that are very well suited for interior applications, retail environments & warehouses.

What Houston is saying about iSky

iSky provides an excellent service at an affordable rate! - Josh Ramby
iSky did a great job on my company's project! Thank you! - Ken Valliere
Quality work with short turn around time. Highly recommend iSky! - Coy Christoffel
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